For a thousand years, man has lived and thrived in the African soil.

But it is only in the last 300 years, that Africa has been appreciated for its beauty and riches.

When you Zoom Africa from up above, it as though someone had travelled the world, collected its best features and then brought them all together in an artful blend.

Beauty, Nature, Majesty, Industry, Fantasy, Culture and all of life is in Africa.

In a world full of beautiful places, you could say Africa has more than its fair share.

From ultra-modern cities to might mountain ranges, From vast expenses of barren desert to lush and fertile oasis.  From captivating myths of gods to legendary creatures of Africa.

Africa is a land bristling with too many stories and at Zoomafrika we bring those stories to life as Videos, Photos, Animations, Livestreams, Aerial shots, Web design and publications.

Our cast of characters include Non-profits, Government, Small businesses, Corporates, Religious organizations, Love birds, Personal brands, Disruptors and Innovators.

Africa is a feast of sights and sound, a celebration of the big, the bold and the inspired and to Zoom Afrika is to bring an extraordinary world to your feet.